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Apply For Electricity

What procedures should a customer follow when applying for an electrical connection at Oshakati Premier Electric (OPE)?

  • OPE has a standard application form for electricity that is available here  and at the office in Oshakati. 
  • Visit the OPE website or offices to complete the application form. You must bring along your Namibian ID. If you are not the owner of the property, an authorisation letter from the owner will also be required.
  • Once the verification process has been completed, OPE does physical site measurements and preparation of the quotation. As soon as the quotation is paid in full, the electrical connection to the customer’s premises is installed.

What procedures and requirements is applicable when applying for electricity in a Peri-Urban/Planned Informal Settlement Areas?

  • Any electrical installation extensions on site must be done by a registered electrical contractor
  • The owner of the property will be responsible for maintaining the approved electrical installation and ensuring it is safe for use
  • The owner is required to make sure that any additions, changes, or new installations must be provided by an OPE registered electrical contractor, to ensure installations are done according to SABS requirements. This is required, so as to ensure that proper materials and workmanship are used in the installation. All alterations must be inspected by OPE upon completion for the COC (Certificate of Compliance) to be valid. 

For the online application form click here

To download and fill out the application form click here

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