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Customer Care

Application for Electricity

Making it easy and convenient for you to apply for electricity with Oshakati Premier Electric from the comfort of your home or business.

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Apply For Electricity

Read more about what procedures and requirements are applicable when applying for electricity with OPE.

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Find a Vendor

Need prepaid electricity? See below all vendors selling prepaid electricity.

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Our Contractors

Electrical Contractors in Namibia are regulated to ensure that only persons that have suitable qualifications and experience are allowed to wire premises that will be occupied by persons or animals.

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Before you contact us with your question, see if the answers you are looking for isn't already listed here.

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Safety Tips

We have compiled these electrical safety tips to help you to use electricity safely.

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Energy Saving Tips

Let us help you with a few tips that will save you electricity and money!

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Did you Know?

Educate yourself with important information that will help you understand electricity.

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Forms / Downloads

A library of application forms, annual reports, ... everything in one place.

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Illegal Connections

Illegal Connections can be divided into two (2) types. The first will be when someone makes modifications to the electrical installation to consume electricity without it being registered by an electricity meter.

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OPE Tariff

New Approved Electricity tariffs for Oshakati Premier Electric For the period 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024

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NEST Tariff

National Electricity Support Tariff (NEST) : “Making basic electricity needs and modern energy more affordable”

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