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Prepayment TID Rollover

Oshakati Premier Electric (PTY) Ltd is committed to delivering safe, reliable electricity services to its customers. To ensure continuity of supply, OPE is embarking on an electricity meter TID Rollover project in Oshakati, which involves the updating of the Token Identifier Date (TID) used on every prepaid electricity meter. OPE is not the only supply authority affected, and All prepayment meters worldwide have to have their base dates rolled over before 24 November 2024.

During this project, OPE will also gather information about its customer base to update records and location information for improved service delivery. The electricity meter TID Rollover project is scheduled to start on 05 February 2024.

OPE has appointed a Consultant to complete this process by rolling over the prepaid meters. The exercise requires the consultants to gain access to all electricity meters in the presence of the house owner or an adult person authorized to grant access. The consultants will visit your residence or business to enter the TID Rollover codes in your prepayment meter.

To ensure a smooth and efficient rollout, our team has carefully planned every step of the process. The team visiting your homes and businesses will be easily identifiable through OPE-branded high-visibility vests and Photo ID cards. Visits will be scheduled during the day and evening to accommodate the demographics of the area. If you are unavailable onsite, a No Access Notice will be left with contact details to arrange a suitable appointment.

This NOTICE is to bring to the attention of all our customers the planned visits and allow for anticipating our team visits. We understand that this is an important undertaking as the electricity supply can be affected if not reset by 24 November 2024, and OPE intends to make sure that all prepaid meters are reset in time. We, therefore, trust on a good working relationship with our prepaid Customers to make this project a success.

Should you have any queries regarding the above, our team will be on hand to answer any questions and provide support throughout the entire process. For more technical information, please contact Mr Kamati Mbangula at 065 220229 or


The Token Identifier Date (TID) is a unique identification code assigned to each token generated by pre-paid electricity purchases. It is created by identifying the date and time of the purchase and is used to enable meter recharge to avoid duplication or re-use of old tokens. When ameter accepts a token, it stores the TID to prevent the same token from being used more than once.

TID Rollover is the process of resetting the Date memory in a meter and changing the meter key to prevent old tokens from being reused. This is necessary to avoid service disruptions. To ensure uninterrupted electricity service supply toour prepaid customers, all prepaid meters must undergo a TID Rollover and be made STS6 compliant by 24 November 2024. Failure to do so will result in an inability to recharge, and customers will be left without access to electricity.

Yes. The amount in the meter will not be erased and will be carried over. Only the meter key will be changed, and the TID reset to the new base date of 24 November 2014.

All prepaid meter users, vending service providers, and meter manufacturers throughout Namibia and globally, operating on STS Edition 1 software, are affected by the Token ID (TID) Rollover taking place, before or on 24 November 2024.

A Token ID (TID) is calculated from a given base date and has a life span of 30 years, after which the meter will not accept new tokens, astokens after this date will be from a new base data and have a new key not compatible with the previous key used. At the end of itslife, the TID memory in the meter must be reset, and the meter key changed to prevent old tokens from being used again. Existing vendingkeys are linked to the 1993 base date, and a key revision of 1, i.e., STS Edition 1. For this base date, the token ID (TID) reaches its end oflife on 24 November 2024, which is the 2024 Token ID (TID) Rollover. STS Edition 2 vending keys are linked to a 2014 base date and a new key revision, and for this base date, the TID reaches its end of life in 2045. All STS products, old and new, must comply with STS Edition 2 before 24 November 2024.

All prepaid meter users, including those of OPE, must have their meters updated by November 24, 2024.

Prepaid customers will not be able to recharge, and they will be left without access to electricity as the current pre-payment meters can only accept tokens until 24 November 2024.

No, updating your meter will not result in the loss of your existing credit.

No, the prepaid meter's unit consumption will not be affected by the update.

Yes, you will not be able to use any old prepaid tokens once the meter is updated. Please ensure that all old prepaid tokens are entered before updating the meter.

No, if your prepaid meter is functioning properly, you will not need to replace it. However, if it is not functioning properly, The field staff will inform OPE to replace the meter.

For more information about TID Rollover, please contact our office. You can also visit for general information.

No, the TID Rollover is happening to all prepaid electricity meters worldwide.

OPE will be responsible for updating the customers' meters. Meters that do not undergo key change or upgrade will not accept OPE credit tokens, and customers will not be able to recharge their tokens.

If pre-paid customers do not have their meters updated with the TID Rollover Key Change Token, they will not be able to recharge and will be without access to electricity. The current pre-payment meters can only accept tokens until 24 November 2024.

Electricians from OPE will carry a Photo ID card with their names and corporate wear with OPE Logo and TID Rollover logos. They will also be supplied with an authorisation letter signed by the OPE CEO, which can be requested to verify on site.

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