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All applicants must have their ERF number when applying.

Residential Property - A registered owner of a residential property must have their original Identity document (ID card, Passport)

An authorised representative of a company may apply with the following documents: 

  • Certificate of incorporation/ founding statement, 
  • Lease agreement (rental), 
  • Original identity document of applicant (representative) and a copy of at least one director’s.

The duration of approving application depends on the following:

  • Number of application to be approved
  • Confirmation of applicant as registered owner

OPE is only responsible for the supply of electricity; for electrical work, customers must appoint electrical contractors who are registered with OPE to do the installation. Customers are encouraged to make use of these contractors to ensure safe installation in accordance with electricity distribution laws and regulations, to allow the issue of a certificate of compliance.

Electrical Contractors in Namibia are regulated to ensure that only persons that have suitable qualifications and experience are allowed to wire premises that will be occupied by persons or animals. It is therefore of great importance to ensure that electrical contractors used for installation work within Oshakati and the areas we operate are registered with us, as well as the local Electrical Supply Authority, to ensure the work they do is according to SABS standards and is safe. OPE will also have inspectors that will check installations and may require modifications to ensure it complies to SABS standards for the Wiring of Premises. For a list of registered Contractor please contact the offices of OPE or go to our website: www.ope.com.na

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