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Did you Know?

Did you know?

That when someone tampers with the electricity meter, preventing it from calculating the used power, it is called bypassing and it is an illegal offence 

That when someone from one ERF, gives electricity to someone in another ERF it is called an illegal connection and it is an offence 

That you can unanimously report bypassing and illegal connections to the OPE office at Tel: 065-220229 

That when you buy electricity at the vendors (example: Oneshila, Shali, NHE, MobiPay, Cellphone banking & Tusk Mobile) you will get the same units as when you buy at the office of OPE. It is not more expensive to buy electricity at the vendors

That when trees grow up to the overhead power lines it can cause temporary/permanent faults when the wind blows and the branches touch the lines

That tree trimming is done by OPE to keep the tree away from the power lines. This is to ensure a safe and reliable power supply 

That in the event of power failure you can contact our 24-hour Fault Reporting Centre at: 065-220229 / Toll free: 081 9779 Office Hours 065-220229 / 220745 /Toll free: 081 9779 After Hours 

That the Reporting Centre is operational 7 days a week including public holidays 

That a short circuit is an electrical circuit that allows a large current to flow in a circuit without electrical impedance or resistance. It may be caused by a faulty stove, kettle etc. Customers are advised to give correct information as to what caused the problem to the fault report call centre or to the OPE Electrician attending to the call out. This service is provided for free by OPE.  

That when you dig and see or damage a cable, you must report it to OPE so that it can be investigated for repair. This service is provided for free by OPE.  

That if you see anyone damaging or vandalising electrical infrastructure in Oshakati, you should report it to Oshakati Premier Electric, as any damage to the electrical infrastructures may lead to power outages or unsafe situations.

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