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Illegal Connections

Illegal Connections can be divided into two (2) types. The first will be when someone makes modifications to the electrical installation to consume electricity without it being registered by an electricity meter. The second will be when a person provides power to neighbors across erf boundaries and is not allowed within towns.

Tempering With Service Connection Or Supply Mains

No person may in any manner or for any reason whatsoever by–pass the metering equipment of OPE on any premises or tamper or interfere with any meter, including a prepayment meter, or with any service connection or service protective device or supply mains, or any other equipment of OPE on any premises. Such tampering, interference or by-passing is deemed to be an offence and makes the perpetrator quality of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine and / or imprisonment.

Where evidence of tampering, interference or by-passing referred to in subsection (1) exists, OPE has the right to disconnect the supply immediately without prior notice to the consumer. The consumer is liable for all fees and charges levied OPE for the disconnection and subsequent reconnection.

Resale Of Electricity

Unless otherwise authorized by OPE, no person may sell or supply electricity that is supplied to the premises under an agreement with OPE to any other person for use on any other premises, or permit or allow the resale of supply to take place.

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