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Energy Saving Tips

Try this simulator and find out what your current power usage, as well as which appliances use the most electricity.


  • Do not set freezing temp. lower than necessary
  • Defrost at least twice a year
  • Let hot foods cool before refrigeration
  • Switch off when on an extended holiday


  • Use to cook small to medium portions. For larger portions, use an oven.
  • Wrap foods in plastic to hold in steam.

Washing Machine

  • Front loaders use less power than top loaders
  • Use warm and cold-water settings
  • Save dirty clothes until a full load has accumulated

Steam or dry iron

  • Iron low temperature fabrics first
  • Iron large batches at a time
  • Use only distilled water in steam irons
  • Switch off before finished and complete ironing with stored energy

Electric stove

  • Use cooking utensils with flat bottoms and tight covers
  • Keep oven doors closed until food is cooked
  • Do not use grill compartment to make toast
  • Plate reflectors must always be kept clean
  • Never use to heat the kitchen


  • Standby button consumes significant amounts of energy
  • Switch these appliances off at the wall


  • Never leave your computer, fax or printer on overnight
  • Set the screensaver on your computer to come on after five minutes of non-use

Light bulb

  • Always switch off lights when you leave a room
  • Replace conventional lights with compact fluorescent or LED lights where possible (gives same light as 60-watt bulb while using a fifth of the power and lasts 10 times longer)


  • Only boil as much water as you need
  • Keep your kettle's element clean of chlorine build-up by boiling vinegar


  • Only recharge your cellphone's battery when it is completely drained
  • Never leave your cellphone charging overnight
  • When your cellphone is finished charging, unplug it
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